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Are you an accredited immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer who aspires to be the best? Do you want to improve your bottom line? e-Academy is your avenue to developing the expertise necessary to bring in more business and meet the challenges of an ever-changing Canadian immigration system, increase the quality of your services and earn more money.

“e-Academy students are given insightful teachings that have real-world applications”
John Ryan, Victoria, British Columbia
Providing immigration consulting services since 1993.
“e-Academy provides students with a real advantage over other institutions that offer the in-class immigration practitioner program because they are able to schedule work, school and family time. The e-Academy schedule is flexible enough for students to work towards achieving their certificate at a comfortable pace.”
Ni (Tina) Fang, Victoria, British Columbia
Providing immigration consulting services since 2003.
“e-Academy prepares students for the ever-changing Canadian immigration landscape.”
Nigel Thomson, Bellingham, Washington
Providing immigration consulting services since 1991.
“I have a passion for teaching and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired through my own practice and experience. Working with our students has given me extreme pleasure and the one on one communication ability one secures through the online environment has in fact proven to be effective in building up a strong rapport with each student, not just during the program but also after graduation.”
Holly Gracey, Port Moody, British Columbia
Providing immigration consulting services since 1985.
“As successful Immigration Consultants, e-Academy instructors are experts in the subjects they teach and are dedicated to passing on their knowledge and expertise to ensure you have a competitive edge in the marketplace!”
Imran Qayyum, Toronto, Ontario
Providing Immigration Consulting Services since 1990.
John P. Ryan Ni (Tina) Fang Nigel H. Thomson Holly Gracey Imran Qayyum

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In less than a year, e-Academy will provide you with essential immigration knowledge, legal research skills, a professional network and a comprehensive business plan.

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